I find the path to get things done!
With 20 + years as an independent producer, my gift is to put the pieces together for the success of every event. or project.
Janet Hill Event producer & project manager

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I have been an event producer for more than 20 years, for small niche VIP events all the way up to millions of attendees over multiple days. Every event receives my careful attention whether it’s a birthday party, a fundraiser or an event for thousands of people. Fundraisers, parades, fireworks, concerts, award ceremonies, product introductions, and festivals and more.



I have seen Janet organize and manage both large and small scale projects, all over the community. She is well-connected and respected as an event planner. From the complex to the simple her ability to create and manage projects, tap into resources and pull everything together for successful endeavors is extraordinary. She is a team player with a unique ability to manage resources from all over the community and deliver high impact projects, events and programs…..a self-starter who is committed to the Arts and engaged and familiar with the community….she is entrepreneurial , experienced, committed , smart and energetic and very talented.

Tamara Harkavy- Founder, CEO and Artistic Director /Artworks



“ ..Best word to describe Janet is tenacity. When given a challenge-be it an opportunity to grasp or a problem to be solved Janet dives right into come up with several viable solutions. She is comfortable both at the strategic and idea creation part of a project all the way to the smallest detail, frankly and unusual quality to find in one person. You will find that she works well across demographics, and takes great personal satisfaction in linking people and organizations for the benefit of all. And quite frankly, you won’t find a person who brings more personal integrity and loyalty to your cause than Janet.
Betsy Neyer- CEO Schooloutfitters